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“HELYËSEN” CORRECTLY Ë-registration software = Helyesën. Ë-jelölő eszköz (2006)


Ë-registration software = Helyesën. Ë-jelölő eszköz (2006)

The purpose of this software is to registrate ë letters into whatever texts and to draw attention to the importance and distingushing role of the use of closed pronunciation.

The closed (mid-closed ; 15th vowel of of Standard Hungarian) is short and palatal. In the Hungarian orthography both the open (low) e (IPA symbol: [ε] ) and the closed (short mid e sound) (IPA symbol: [e]) are marked by letter e.

According to the 90th rule of the Rules of Hungarian Orthography (A magyar helyesírás szabályai. Akadémiai Kiadó, 1984) closed is not marked in written, but the marking of the in transcription of pronunciation is possible.

The closed was marked in several old Hungarian books, for example Bécsi Kódex ( = Codex of Vienna, round 1450). The e with two dots over it was first used by the linguist György Kalmár in 1770. During the time of Hungarian language reform there was a debate about how to mark this sound. The way it was used by Ferenc Kazinczy and in Sárospatak and in Debrecen became dominant. In the 20th century among others the following Hungarian linguists assisted in retaining the sound in speech: Géza Bárczi, László Elekfi, László Fekete and Márta Buvári. Moreover, composer, musicologist and national preceptor Zoltán Kodály suggested to introduce it into written language.

This lingual phenomenon lives generally everywhere in the Hungarian language area except in the north-eastern dialect area and Budapest.

You can read closed -texts in linguistic works and in ethnographical, folk-poetrical collections, in Zoltán Kodály’s musical compositions, in Gyula Paczolay’s proverbs, in works of Ph. D. Bence Fehér and in publications of Bárczi Alapítvány (= Foundation Bárczi).


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